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CEO message

CEO message

Dynavox Group CEO Fredrik Ruben

Fredrik Ruben

Chief Executive Officer, Dynavox Group

Communication is a basic human right. Despite this, around 50 million people worldwide have conditions with impairments leaving them unable to express themselves — even though the technology exists to give everyone a voice. As a result, millions of people with conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy and autism, are prevented from taking full part in society, getting educated, working, and living up to their full potential. We are at the forefront of an industry working to eradicate this inequality by empowering people with disabilities to do what they once did or never thought possible.

We strive for large scale impact and global reach with a human, empathetic approach that acknowledges our customers’ unique challenges and adapts to their life journeys. This has resulted in us helping hundreds of thousands of people over the years to experience the value of our cutting-edge technology, premium service and personal support.

For many years, we have been dedicated to addressing a hugely underserved audience. Our strategy is clear and simple: drive awareness and adoption of assistive communication solutions worldwide, by training thousands of prescribers and medical experts every year. We innovate for impact, improving quality of life for our users and their close ones, as well as creating positive impact for the society at large. This also helps us create a strong sense of purpose for our workforce to attract and retain passionate employees.

Being a sustainable business lies at the core of our company’s purpose. By giving people who have difficulty communicating a voice, we make a tangible and direct contribution to meeting many social dimensions of the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainability Development Goals.

In the end of June 2024, we changed the name of the Swedish legal entity listed on Nasdaq Stockholm from Tobii Dynavox to Dynavox Group AB (DYVOX). The purpose of the name change is to clarify for the investor community and for new talent in Sweden that the company is separate from Tobii AB, after the companies were legally separated in 2021. By clarifying our position, we can bring more value, both for our owners and for our customers.