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Mission, vision & strategy

Mission, vision & strategy

Our purpose

As the world leader in assistive communication, we will drive the market forward while addressing a hugely underserved global audience.

Vision and mission

Our vision is a world where everyone can communicate. We will contribute to this by focusing on our mission which is to empower people with disabilities to do what they once did, or never thought possible.  


The assistive communication market is critically underserved, only a small fraction of people who are diagnosed each year with a need for communication aid get help. We have identified three strategic growth levers that are consistently allowing us to serve more people effectively:  


We educate prescribers about assistive communication, targeting them in groups to maximize our reach and ensure efficiency.


Through operational excellence, we expedite and ease the process of funding our communication solutions.  


We cultivate a local presence in different regions by acquiring resellers and complementary businesses. To serve our markets more effectively, we combine their expertise with our operational excellence and ability to scale.

When all three levers work in symbiosis, we achieve operational excellence and profitable growth that supports more users who need communication aids.